Instant Information


Supports real-time information receive,

immediateltransfer ansharinformation 



Messages not only cabe transferred through

IntimateChat between users, bualso through

email as well, which meanthe same message

will be sentwice, one by IntimateChat and one

by e-maito the receiver.


Users could guarantee they would not miss any

messages. It is optional to receive messages in

e-mails or not, depending on users' preference.










Task Reminder


IntimateChat's task reminder allow users to follow up

cases, duties and more easily and conveniently, so that

all users would have less chance forgetting about each

client's opportunities, and losing the potential clients,

even with heavy workload. Task reminder became the

key to remind users all the tasks that needs to be done,

without leaving any tasks behind.



  Message Lock


Currently, messages could be deleted easily, and

people may claim they did not receive your message

on specific important issues.


To avoid important messages being deleted and make

sure the receiver had read the message, users could lock 

specific messages they assume to be important. Once

messages are locked, users and receivers could not delete

it. This prevents users claiming not being able to receive 

specific messages, as the messages will be locked both sides.




Recall Function


Originally messages cannot be taken back once sent, but with IntimateChat that is possible. Mistakenly sent messages to the wrong people can be taken back, through IntimateChat with a click of button, but the function will only be activate when clicked before the receiver read the message.







Phone Book


IntimateChat is integrated with Intimate CRM,
users could search clients', colleagues', and

vendors' phone number and contacts easily

and directly from Intimate CRM in anytime and

anywhere. Giving users an user-friendly way to

enhance better communications between clients

and more.





Search And Track Phone Records


Users can search and track all the phone records

in IntimateChat, in order to trace all the miss calls,

inbound and outbound calls, for better client follow

up and management.