Track Products and Inventories Status in




To keep your business going, good control of your products and inventories is really important, as you will know when specific products are almost out-of-stock, and need to buy-in or create some new, in real-time. Or know when specific products are almost expired. Making your business flow easier to control.

Besides, users will also know if the customers had taken the product with them yet. If they had, the information will be shown in the system in real-time.





Real-time Information 



As our system is on cloud, therefore users could check and track the most updated product and inventory status in anytime, anywhere, like assessing the products amount. You could track all the real-time information at home, on street, or even in another geographic area. Managers could monitor and control the stocks and communicate with staffs even on business trip, making every management easy and simple.



Better Management and Time Reduction



With quotes and invoices, users can directly know if there is enough stock to sell in the system themselves, without needing to check with staffs from the warehouse. This reduces time, as unnecessary communications is eliminated, and avoid stock-outs when customers had paid. Enable better planning with the products and inventories.







Real-time Stock Take



As all detailed quantities of stock are recorded in the system, and the quantities of stock will change in real-time according to the purchase or refund of clients, so the quantities of stock in the system should be the most updated and accurate. This made stock taking easy and efficient.





Product Management and Control



Input and records all your company’s product information in the system, included product names, details, year of production, status, amounts and quantities left etc. 


When your company have more than 50 products, it’s hard for all team members to remember all products, but with these information in system, users will fully understand the products your company have.


Managers could also use these information for organizational planning, forecasting, marketing and control at all stages of the product lifecycle.