Intimate Chat


In the 21st century, rapid information delivery is very important. Everyone wants to receive information in the shortest time, especially for companies, when time is money, every decision must be decided in a timely matter. In the past, companies will use mail as their main communication methods with clients, but with the change of time, companies began to use fax, then from fax to e-mail. But with the popularity with instant message recently, many customers started to use this method as their main contact, therefore companies using instant message has become a trend.  


WeChat and Whatsapp etc. are a popular platform for message sending, but seldom use in companies, as the public information platform is difficult to monitor and could not guarantee information security. For example, many people are concerned about Whatsapp message's privacy problem, and the problem of often receiving messages from strangers. In addition, they seldom have any backup functions for chat logs. Because of the various factors, companies will not consider Whatsapp and WeChat etc. as their first priority for sending important information. Therefore, our company developed a system called Intimate Chat, especially for companies. It could create convenience to all employees to receive information instantly and make decisions, and also enhance communication between employees.


Intimate Chat is a communication systems tailor-made for companies, it has online and mobile versions, so users could login the system anytime and anywhere, providing a more convenient and efficient communication platform for all employees, in order to enhance communications between employees and departments and improve effciencies. 


If your company already used a system for a certain time, Intimate Chat could also be installed in the user's server, to meet customers' needs and enhance security level. All contents of the message will be recorded for control management. Intimate Chat could send photos and files, so employees could have an alternative choice, increasing convenience. E-mail is no longer the only device for quick sending. As Intimate Chat have chat logs backup, so all the dialogue and transferred files will have records. If users wants to find relevant information, they could find it easily and rapidly. 







1. Could open different accounts with different authority to employees, to protect company's information

2. Support online version, users could login easily

3. Chat logs backup helps save and keep record of the information, so users can easily locate the information

4. All contents of messages will be recorded, to monitor the company's daily operation

5. Able photos and files sending, enhance efficiencies, could backup photos and files in a central system to facilitate recording

6. Creates groups for different departments to able information sending within the group, avoid sending to people outside the group

7. Mass sending of information saves time, as only need to send the same message one time

8. All  information is only used within the company, avoid leakage of internal information and strengthens security

9. Enable recoverable of error messages sent

10. Intimate Chat could be installed in the user's server, to better meet customer needs and enhance security